Online Computer Library Center

OCLC is a global library organisation that provides shared technological services, original research and collaborative programmes for its members and the library community at large, aiming to foster education, research and innovation.

With almost 30,000 members from over 100 countries, OCLC comprises various types of libraries, including research, academic, public, school, medical, legal, corporate, government and national libraries, along with consortia and groups.

Established in 1967 by university presidents in the United States, OCLC aimed to provide access to all information sources across libraries from a single platform, reducing processing costs for individual libraries.

OCLC offers member libraries various services such as library management, cataloguing, digital libraries and resource sharing. Its most renowned service is undeniably WorldCat, available at WorldCat is the world’s largest library catalogue containing bibliographic data for approximately 405 million books, 440 million articles, 25 million sound recordings, 10 million musical scores, 6 million maps and 30 million doctoral theses.

The National Library of Serbia has been an OCLC member since 2011.

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