The vision for the development of the National Library of Serbia

The National Library of Serbia, serving as a central and legal deposit library, stands as a vital, contemporary, dynamic and interconnected institution. This pertains not only to the materials it collects, the meticulous practices applied in the process of storing, restoring and making the collections available to its patrons, but also to the modern tools it employs for promotional activities and user engagement.

As a central institution dedicated to the preservation of Serbian cultural heritage, the National Library carries forward a legacy of Serbian and European librarianship spanning nearly two centuries. Its activities are founded on the principles of continuous development of knowledge and skills, coupled with the use of modern technologies to preserve, process and ensure access to its content.

The National Library of Serbia continually enhances its traditional activities related to preserving, processing and granting access to its collections. Simultaneously, it makes use of modern technologies and innovative approaches to adapt to the evolving landscape of librarianship and information technology and keep up with the diverse requirements of its patrons.

The vision for the development of the National Library of Serbia in the upcoming period is based on a few fundamental principles, among which the following hold particular significance:

  1. ensuring complete and unhindered access to materials in both conventional and digital formats;
  2. providing research support to the academic and scientific community to further societal and economic progress;
  3. contributing to the educational system in the country;
  4. actively participating in the democratisation of society by ensuring equal access to knowledge and information for everyone;
  5. fostering a reading culture and cultivating cultural needs by offering enriched content in the area of culture and the arts.

In the forthcoming period, our institution aims to streamline access to its collections and enhance its capacities for comprehensive digitisation of the national cultural heritage. Digitisation offers new ways of accessing the collections, albeit accompanied by several challenges. Nonetheless, it enhances the visibility, accessibility and overall protection of our library’s holdings.

Blending traditional and digital methods brings forth numerous challenges, yet it also opens up new avenues for improving productivity and attaining better results.

The Library’s development strategy is based on finding the perfect equilibrium between its four legally defined core functions related to its holdings (acquisition, storage, processing and access), all while ensuring their continuous improvement.

The National Library is at the top of the hierarchy among public and specialised libraries. It places a strong emphasis on enhancing and fostering collaboration with similar institutions as well as prominent organisations in the fields of science, education and the arts.

The Library is equally committed to enhancing international collaboration in diverse ways, including its membership in international library organisations, the exchange of publications and experts and active participation in international projects.

The ongoing efforts of the Expert Council, comprised of prominent experts from our institution, play a vital role in ensuring the continuous and well-rounded development of knowledge and skills.

Modernising the storage conditions for the largest and most valuable collection of movable cultural heritage in the country and the region is a priority. The acquisition of mobile shelving for efficient use of limited space, along with state-of-the-art protective equipment and measures, including external and wartime storage facilities, will significantly contribute to fulfilling our commitment to comprehensive and optimal safeguarding of library materials.

The Library relies on continuous community support, both at the national and local levels. Additionally, it undertakes various independent initiatives aimed at enhancing its infrastructure and resources.

The Foundation of the National Library of Serbia, established in 2012, has the potential to play a significant role in bolstering the Library’s overall financial stability – a critical prerequisite for its unimpeded growth.

Not only does our institution fulfil its responsibilities as a national library but it also stands as a multifaceted hub for culture, science, arts and education. It facilitates comprehensive, equitable and unrestricted access to knowledge and information, making a substantial contribution to the democratisation and promotion of a multinational, multicultural and multiconfessional society.

In the face of numerous professional, technical, technological and financial challenges, the Library is committed to furthering its development through comprehensive, equitable and strategic strengthening of its overall capabilities.

With deep historical roots in its country’s past, the National Library has shared and will continue to share its journey, making a substantial contribution to the advancement of culture, education, science and art within our nation and the surrounding region.

The Library stands as one of the most prominent symbols of the country. Established during the struggle for independence from Ottoman rule in 1832, just three years before the adoption of the first constitution (Sretenjski ustav), it played a significant role in shaping the democratic society at the beginning of the 21st century. It remains dedicated to placing its professional and heritage resources in service of the ongoing development of Serbia and beyond.

That’s the legacy it has upheld for centuries, and it will persist in the years ahead.

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