Other Special Collections

Other special collections available at the National Library of Serbia are as follows:

Collection of Publicity and Informative Materials – This collection primarily comprises publications featuring advertising, informative and propaganda content. These materials serve transient, day-to-day and commercial purposes and are designed for specific, short-term objectives. Given their short-lived nature, they often become scarce over time, with libraries becoming the sole repositories where they can be accessed.

Examples of materials forming part of this collection are: industrial and commercial brochures, sales catalogues from various companies and organisations, travel guidebooks, programmes for sporting, cultural and scientific events, as well as schedules for conferences, musical or theatrical performances and more. These resources offer a distinctive window into the activities of industrial entities and cultural and educational institutions, showcasing accomplishments, advancements and events across all facets of cultural and public life within a specific period and geographic region.


Collection of Multifaceted Materials and Three-dimensional Objects -– Based on international bibliographic standards, specific three-dimensional objects fall under the category of library materials. These encompass building blocks, cut-out publications, embossed or foldable materials, models and educational toolkits. This collection gathers three-dimensional resources acknowledged for their educational value and employed in educational settings.

Moreover, this collection comprises multifaceted materials, consisting of two or more different types of media that are considered equally important parts of the entire publication. These encompass construction sets, kits for Design and Technology coursework, language learning toolkits, educational social games and similar resources.


Collection of Comics – Comics, often dubbed the “ninth art”, blend visual, dramatic and literary elements. To streamline the tracking of ongoing releases and research in this field, comics have been gathered into a dedicated collection, which predominantly archives comic books originating from Serbia, while a segment also includes publications from the former Yugoslav territories. Alongside local comics, a few translated editions are also housed within this collection. The majority of the titles are more recent publications, particularly those post-2000.


Collection of Picture Books, Sticker Albums and Colouring Books – The surge in production of these materials has led to the creation of a unique collection, featuring predominantly visual content catered for children.


Collection Curator

MA Jasmina Trifunac, Library Advisor


Phone: +381 11 2451 242, ext. 78

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понедељак – петак од 8.00 – 20.00
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