Centre for Library and Information Sciences

The Collection houses professional literature focusing on library and information sciences. It was established after 2000 during the reorganisation of the Reference Collection, aiming to centralise the professional literature that used to be scattered across various Library departments and provide specialised information services within a designated reading room.

Primarily tailored for library science and informatics students, it serves as a dedicated space for studying, writing seminars, thesis work and postgraduate studies. Moreover, it’s accessible to librarians across Serbia, providing resources for professional exams, ongoing development, postgraduate studies and professional writing. Additionally, it’s open to users from other fields seeking information in this domain.

The collection is openly accessible and includes:

  • A selection of domestic and foreign reference books (encyclopaedias, lexicons, terminological dictionaries, methodological guides, etc.),
  • Domestic and foreign monographic publications (alongside regular acquisition of domestic publications, special attention is given to selective acquisition of foreign professional literature: foreign editions are available in English, French, German, Russian and other languages; part of the collection consists of publications obtained through exchange with other national libraries),
  • A collection of current domestic journals (older professional periodicals can be ordered from the main storage and delivered to the reading room).

Publications are available to other libraries and their users through interlibrary loans.

In the electronic catalogue of the National Library of Serbia, these publications are marked with the BF shelf mark.


Contact Persons:

Tijana Lovre

Email: tijana.lovre@nb.rs

Andrea Jovanović

Email: andrea.arsenovic@nb.rs

Phone: +381 11 2431 418

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