Catalogue of Books in the Languages of the Yugoslav Peoples for the 1868–1972 Period

Between 1975 and 1989, the National Library of Serbia published the Catalogue of Books in the Languages of the Yugoslav Peoples for the 1868–1972 Period. The catalogue comprises 14 volumes, totalling over 13,000 pages and around 300,000 titles of monographic publications stored at the National Library of Serbia. Those are all the books published by the Yugoslav peoples from 1868 until 31 December 1972.

Additions to the collection post-1972 are recorded in printed annexes of this catalogue. Each volume is accompanied by a corresponding author index. The final volume (No XIV), contains a cumulative index of all authors, translators, editors and other contributors. The catalogue includes all books published in the languages of the Yugoslav peoples within the territory of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, encompassing periodicals in a broader sense (almanacs, annual publications, calendars, anthologies, reports, etc.), as well as other serial publications (collections). Furthermore, the Catalogue contains publications of all Yugoslav academies of sciences and other scientific institutions, including those in foreign languages. Here, you’ll also find all foreign language textbooks published in Yugoslavia, along with original works of foreign authors published here as school reading materials accompanied by commentary from Yugoslav experts. This catalogue was based on the card author catalogue of the National Library of Serbia, which was compiled according to the Cataloguing Rules (Society of Librarians of the People’s Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, 1957), primarily based on the rules of the American Library Association (ALA Cataloging Rules for Author and Title Entries. Edited by Clara Beetle. 2nd ed. – Chicago, 1949) and the Vatican Library (Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica:Règles pour le catalogue des imprimés. Ed. Française. – Cité du Vatican, 1950). Catalogue units are arranged in the alphabetical order of entries. An entry may be the name of an author (individual or collective) or the title of a work (for anonymous publications). Each entry includes a shelf mark, i.e. a location mark within the Library storage.

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