Being a Woman in Times of Pandemic

Jelena Dimitrijević, Pesma o Meni (A Poem of Myself) (New York, 1920)

Original project title:

Being a Woman in Times of Pandemic


October 2021 – March 2022


The project stands as a pioneering initiative by a cultural institution to hear, digitise and preserve the experiences of women amid the pandemic crisis. It centred around the Women’s Stories Collection Day, an event aimed at documenting the diverse activities of women throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, notably those working on the front lines – in healthcare, grocery stores, media and other essential sectors. Distinguished figures from academia, media and culture delivered a series of lectures during this event. Beyond highlighting the pivotal role of women during the crisis, the project served as a platform to shed light on the challenges they encountered throughout the pandemic. It advocated for equality and greater recognition of women’s contributions within Serbian society. The project outcomes include a blog post and a dedicated web archive focusing on women’s lives during the pandemic.

NBS Project Team:

  • Beba Stanković (coordinator)
  • Tamara Butigan Vučaj (coordinator)
  • Dragana Pantelić Đukić
  • Nadja Stojković-Jovanović
  • Nataša Petrović
  • Tatjana Domazet
  • Ana Stevanović
  • Biljana Rakočević
  • Maja Kostić
  • Biljana Pantelić
  • Jasmina Tomašević

Project outcomes:

Content published on the Library’s website


Supported by CENL Hidden Stories Fund

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