Women’s Practices in the Time of the Pandemic

The project is a trailblazer attempt by a cultural institution to listen to, record, digitise and preserve the experiences of women during the pandemic crisis. So, if you have an interesting or emotional pandemic-related experience and would like to share it with us, you are welcome to


Stories of women from our surroundings have been collected and made available in the e-publication titled Women’s Practices in the Time of the Pandemic. Its pages reveal the experiences of daughters, mothers, wives and grandmothers and their dedication to their families, as well as their professions. In the pandemic, they have been all that and much more. Their fight has not been limited to the virus – they have also been fighting for health, survival and the well-being of their families. They have been innovative, creative and dedicated. We can all identify with the stories they have shared.



Video lectures made available as part of the project Women’s Practices in the Time of the Pandemic are the result of an idea to hear the voice of female (and one male) experts on the topic from various perspectives.

Biljana Dojčinović, Jelena Milinković, Zorica Mršević, Svetlana Janković and Nikola Keravica spoke about their own experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic in addition to presenting research pointing to the fact that women have been faced with many extra burdens and difficulties on top of the already existing ones that are the result of their specific gender roles.

Nikola Keravica’s lecture on war crises and the role of women in them in ancient times is included in this cycle to point out the historic context of many problems related to gender stereotypes and the division of gender roles. Given that the pandemic has caused a serious world crisis, comparable to wartime circumstances, pointing to wartime experiences can help us better understand the issues we have been dealing with for the past two years.

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Supported by CENL Hidden Stories Fund

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