Women’s Practices in theTime of the Pandemic

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“Covid-19, Women and Serbia: When the World Stopped They Did Not” is the title of an archived newspaper article that gives an accurate portrayal of the position of women at the moment when the world was hit by the pandemic of unprecedented proportions. In an effort to preserve an accurate account of their experiences, we took to collecting related data over a period of six months – from October 2021 until March 2022.

The web archive collection we hereby present is a selection of content from different media – daily newspapers, weeklies, magazines, information portals and blogs.

The links are in Serbian, but the topics they deal with cross the borders of the country, pointing to the fact that women all over the globe have faced similar issues in this altered everyday life.

In the continuation, you will find e-resources illustrating all kinds of different situations women have faced in the pandemic…

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