Rise of Literacy

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Original project title:

Rise of Literacy



September 2017 – February 2019



As part of this project, Europeana and twelve cultural institutions from ten European countries partnered to showcase the development of literacy on the old continent in the period between the 4th and 20th centuries through digital collections. The National Library of Serbia is presenting the spread of the written word in our region and celebrating the Serbian language through 11 digital collections selected by its project team: “World War I Periodicals”; “Nova Evropa” (magazine); “Handwritten Periodicals”; “Manuscripts of Božidar Knežević”; “Internacionalna revija za umetnost i kulturu Zenit” (an avant-garde magazine for arts and culture); “Yugoslav Avant-Garde”; “Travel Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries”; “Collected Works of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić”; “Lyricism of Serbian Moderna”; “Incunabula and Paleotypes”; “Diary Notes of World War I Participants”.


Project partners:

  1. National and University Library of Slovenia, Slovenia (Coordinator)
  2. Europeana Foundation, Netherlands
  3. National Library of Greece, Greece
  4. Royal Library, Netherlands
  5. National Library of Serbia, Serbia
  6. National Library of France, France
  7. National Library of Scotland, United Kingdom
  8. National Library of Latvia, Latvia
  9. National Library of Portugal, Portugal
  10. State Library in Berlin – Prussian Cultural Heritage, Germany
  11. National Research Council – Opera del Vocabolario Italiano, Italy
  12. Central Institute for the Union Catalogue of Italian Libraries and Bibliographic Information, Italy
  13. National Library of Wales, United Kingdom

Project team at the National Library of Serbia:

  • Tamara Butigan Vučaj (Coordinator)
  • Petar Popović (Assistant)
  • Laslo Blašković
  • Ljubomir Branković
  • Dragan Glišić
  • Uroš Žugić
  • Vera Zrnić
  • Saša Ilić
  • Nataša Jovanović
  • Nemanja Kalezic
  • Maja Kostić
  • Miroslav Lazić
  • Jasna Majerle
  • Irena Malvić Opanović
  • Jelena Marković
  • Dragana Milunović
  • Olga Mitrović
  • Dušan Nikodijević
  • Nataša Petrović
  • Ana Stevanović
  • Vladan Trijić

Project outcomes:

A thematic collection published on Digitalna NBS

Contents published on Europeana:

Content from the National Library was promoted through four blogs:

CEF Telecom.

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